Notes: The Committee reserves the right to make exceptions to these published guidelines and policies.

To visit our online grant portal, please go to Logon – Grant Lifecycle Manager.

Grants will be focused upon organizations where the majority of those serve and reside in Floyd, Clark, Harrison, Scott, Washington, or Jefferson and Oldham (KY) counties, or who benefit the residents of the regions where Samtec has a physical location.

Grants will be awarded in one annual grant cycle.

There is a minimum grant amount of $15,000, and grants will not exceed $75,000. Multi-year grants will not be accepted. Exceptions may be considered at the discretion of the committee.

Grant applicants must qualify and be in good standing as exempt organizations under the Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) or qualify as governmental or educational entities or possess similar attributes.  The Committee verifies each organization’s status through the IRS Charitable Organization listing found on

A qualified organization may submit only one grant application per each annual grant cycle, and the chief executive of the organization must sign the submitted grant application form.

Once awarded a grant, an organization cannot reapply for a subsequent grant for 24 months.

Grant applications that include the participation of other contributors by using challenge, matching or similar grant techniques are encouraged. Payment of matching grants will be made only after the required matching funds are obtained by the grantee organization and verified in writing to the Committee.

Samtec will not fund the following types of requests, regardless of the size of such request:

  • Fundraising expenses
  • Direct or indirect, administrative/operating expenses including salaries and/or recruiting fees (an example of an indirect expense would be a % to another organization that is a fiscal agent)
  • Public tax revenues should fund projects that can/
  • Any attempt to influence legislation or to intervene in any political campaigns (including the publishing or distribution of statements) on behalf of any candidate for public office.